EXER-HEALTH Consortium

EXER-HEALTH Consortium

On March 10, 2017, the EXER-HEALTH Consortium was presented within the Iberus Campus, in Zaragoza, which focuses on the health area.

The challenges are to unite, health and well-being, through physical activity, developing new sustainable e-Health technologies related to physical activity, creating prevention programs focused on physical exercise, through the use of new Technologies

The international consortium, EXER-HEALTH, which is also part of the research groups of the following universities: University of Pau, Public University of Navarra, University of La Rioja, University of Lleida and University of Zaragoza.

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JTI 2016 course at oralsurgerytube

JTI 2016 course at oralsurgerytube


Our audiovisual department have been working with the footage taken in the II Jornada Total de Implantología.

We have edited the audiovisual contents for an online course in OralSurgeryTube, where the student would be able to watch all conferences and debates, and take exams.

OralSurgeryTube is an online medical platform, specialized in oral surgery and implantology.

If you want you can contact our audiovisual department at +34 978 653 850 or through
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